This game originally started as a prototype for Weekly Jam 73 but I have decided to stick with this game, evolve it, add in elements and more to expand upon it's unique game-play. 

You are simply put a worm with a stick of dynamite attached to their back that must traverse down the various platforms.

You have 6 seconds per platform to calculate your next more before expiring.  On your way down you must dodge the chickens whom wish to eat your soft wormy body.  The goal is quite simple, see how far down you can make it without dying.

This game will receive updates and I am building this game based upon the suggestions of the community.  Meaning that if you wish to see a mechanic, challenge, etc implemented within the game, just drop a message here and I'll make sure to give it proper consideration.  Anyhow, thank you all for playing.  There WILL BE glitches as the game is under heavy construction; but if you would like please feel free to shoot me a message on Discord.  I am Stabber and part of the Weekly Game Jam discord which can be found here:

Any donations made to the game will be put right back into the game, for sound (music, effects, etc), various art assets as well as consulting with outside sources to help make this game the best it can be.

Made withUnity
TagsArcade, Difficult


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Truly addictive and fun!

Thank you for the kind words!  Been working on the next build.  It is literally night/day from the version posted here on


Lovely <3 56 for now my record!

Soundtrack is ace, and it's so cool all round, well done!

Thank you very much!  Nice score.  The next version is going to make the game a little less "RNG" feely (I know that's not a word.)  Hopefully one day the game will be polished enough for a mobile release.

Thanks for the support, suggestions & ideals.  I have quite a bit changed from this posted version.  I plan on adding a lot of fun little things into the game.  The above game is rookie level and all programmed in a day.  You guys are great, thanks for the support!!!


Cool, if it were a game for android i would definetly have it on my phone to kill time, its very casual, simple and fun.


wow. pretty fun. addictive.