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Truly addictive and fun!

Thank you for the kind words!  Been working on the next build.  It is literally night/day from the version posted here on


Lovely <3 56 for now my record!

Soundtrack is ace, and it's so cool all round, well done!

Thank you very much!  Nice score.  The next version is going to make the game a little less "RNG" feely (I know that's not a word.)  Hopefully one day the game will be polished enough for a mobile release.

Thanks for the support, suggestions & ideals.  I have quite a bit changed from this posted version.  I plan on adding a lot of fun little things into the game.  The above game is rookie level and all programmed in a day.  You guys are great, thanks for the support!!!


Cool, if it were a game for android i would definetly have it on my phone to kill time, its very casual, simple and fun.


wow. pretty fun. addictive.